Patient Education

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What is a bunion?

Can bunions get worse?

Why do bunions run in families?

Can orthotics cure my bunion?

What does bunion surgery entail?

Will I have to stay in the hospital overnight after bunion surgery?

Heel Pain

Why does my heel hurt first thing in the morning?

Is heel pain the same as plantar fasciitis?

Do I need orthotics?

Why is my child having intense heel pain?

What should I look for in a running shoe or sneaker?

Diabetic Foot Care

Why should a diabetic see a podiatrist?

Should a diabetic clip their own toenails?

How do I know if I have peripheral neuropathy?

What do I do if I see drainage on my sock?

What makes diabetic shoes and inserts so important for diabetic ulcers?

What are the treatments for peripheral neuropathy?

Foot and Ankle Injuries

Why should I go to a podiatrist for a foot injury?

Do podiatrists perform surgery for foot and ankle injuries?

Should I treat foot or ankle injuries with ice or heat?

How do you treat Achilles tendonitis?

Why do anti-inflammatory medications work after an injury?

How do I know if I have Achilles tendonitis?

Fungus Toenails

What does a fungus toenail look like?

Can I use athletes foot medication on my fungus toenails?

Do laser treatments work?

How long does it take for laser treatments to work?

How do you get fungal toenails?

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